Matthias Düwel



In my work, I use discovery and the creative process to explore complex geographies and the alienation and displacement brought on by cataclysmic disasters, violent conflicts and human hubris.

I grew up in Berlin, a city still scarred by war and overshadowed by history. This may explain why, as an artist, I try to stay acutely aware of everything going on—in worlds both big and small. As I work, I allow automatic gesture and mark-making to suggest the imagery; in this way, all that information gets filtered and rearranged, and remanifests itself in my art.

Over the past several years, I have worked on a number of series that reflect the idea that not just products, but people, societies and the planet as a whole have become increasingly disposible. Another series, Infected Rooms, considers how isolation and contagion transformed our everyday spaces and interactions, during the pandemic.

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